U.S.-India Ties: The Outsourcing Issue Is Back

Obama’s campaign rhetoric undercuts the vision for bilateral affairs he laid out just 18 months ago

This commentary was originally published by Bloomberg Businessweek.  Click here to read the entire piece.

President Obama’s campaign is running a new television ad in key swing states alleging, among other things, that Republican Mitt Romney “outsourced state jobs to a call center in India” while he was governor of Massachusetts.   In a report on the $25 million-deluge of negative ads that the campaign has begun to unleash, the New York Times describes the campaign’s media chief as focused on making “you think of call centers in India every time you hear Mr. Romney’s name.”

Given the political resonance of the outsourcing issue, especially among important Democratic Party constituencies, the charge is not unexpected.  But it is disheartening nonetheless since the president himself has argued for a more sophisticated understanding of the bilateral economic partnership.

Click here to read the rest of the piece.


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